Archaeological Theory and Methods (MANITOBA; UM-ST. LOUIS)

Bronze Age  Archaeology  (MANITOBA; UM-ST. LOUIS)

Current Issues in Anthropology: Greek Myths and Visual Arts  (UM-ST. LOUIS)

Fifth Century Attic Epigraphy (Senior Seminar Tutorial, UM-ST. LOUIS)

Greek Architecture (MANITOBA; UM-ST. LOUIS)

Greek Art and Archaeology  (MANITOBA; UM-ST. LOUIS)

Greek Sanctuaries (MANITOBA)

Greek Sculpture (MANITOBA; UM-ST. LOUIS)

Greek Vase-Painting (MANITOBA)

Mycenaean Pottery (MANITOBA)

Myths in Black-Figure Pottery (Senior Seminar Tutorial, UM-ST. LOUIS)

Roman Art and Archaeology  (MANITOBA)

The Art and Archaeology of  Egypt, Mesopotamia and India  (MANITOBA)


Introductory Ancient Greek  (MANITOBA)

Intermediate Ancient Greek: Readings in Homer  (MANITOBA)

Introductory Ancient Greek (UM-ST. LOUIS)

Introductory Modern Greek  (UM-ST. LOUIS)

Greek Elements in English (UM-ST. LOUIS)

Ancient Greek Literature in translation (UM-ST. LOUIS)


50 Shades of Greek: love, war, and society in the Greek world (UM-ST. LOUIS)

Ancient Greek Culture and civilization (MANITOBA; UM-ST. LOUIS)

Democracy and War (UM-ST. LOUIS)

Economic History of the Greeks (UM-ST. LOUIS)

Greek and Roman Mythology  (MANITOBA; UM-ST. LOUIS)

Greek History  (MANITOBA; UM-ST. LOUIS)

Greek Philosophy and Literature  (MANITOBA; UM-ST. LOUIS)

Greek Religion  (MANITOBA)

Greek Tragedy

Myths, History, and Hollywood: Greece in the movies (UM-ST. LOUIS)

Roman Culture & Civilization  (MANITOBA)

Sports, Ritual, and Death in ancient Greece (UM-ST. LOUIS)

Troy, Vietnam,  Iraq: War and Violence in ancient Greece and the Modern World (UM-ST. LOUIS)





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