History, mythology, religion, philosophy, literature

50 Shades of Greek: love, war, and society in the Greek world (UMSL)
Ancient Greek Culture and civilisation (MANITOBA; UMSL)
Byzantine and Modern Greece (UMSL)
Democracy and War (UMSL)
Economic History of the Greeks (UMSL)
Greek and Roman Mythology  (MANITOBA; UMSL)
Greek History from antiquity to the present  (MANITOBA; UMSL)
Greek Philosophy and Literature  (MANITOBA; UMSL)
Greek Religion  (MANITOBA)
Myths and Monuments (UMSL)
Myths, History, and Hollywood: Greece in the movies (UMSL)
Roman Culture & Civilisation  (MANITOBA)
Sports, Ritual, and Death in ancient Greece (UMSL)
Troy, Vietnam,  Iraq: War and Violence in ancient Greece and the Modern World (UMSL)

Archaeology and Art History

Archaeological Theory and Methods (MANITOBA; UMSL)
Bronze Age Archaeology (MANITOBA; UMSL)
Current Issues in Anthropology: Greek Myths and Visual Arts (UMSL)
Fifth Century Attic Epigraphy (Senior Seminar Tutorial, UMSL)
Field Studies in Greek Archaeology (UMSL)
Greek Architecture (MANITOBA; UMSL)
Greek Art and Archaeology (MANITOBA; UMSL)
Greek Sanctuaries (MANITOBA)Greek Sculpture (MANITOBA; UMSL)
Greek Vase-Painting (MANITOBA)
Mycenaean Pottery (MANITOBA)
Myths and Monuments: The Archaeology of Greek Myths (UMSL)
Myths in Black-Figure Pottery (Senior Seminar Tutorial, UMSL)
Roman Art and Archaeology (MANITOBA)
The Art and Archaeology of Egypt, Mesopotamia and India (MANITOBA)
The Archaeology of Greek Religion (UMSL)
The Archaeology of War (UMSL)


Introductory Ancient Greek (MANITOBA)
Intermediate Ancient Greek: Readings in Homer (MANITOBA)
Introductory Ancient Greek (UMSL)
Introductory Modern Greek (UMSL)

Continuing education courses

Greek Elements in English
Ancient Greek Literature in translation
Greek Historian
Greek Science and Technology
Greek Mythology
Greek Philosophy
Greek Tragedy
Myths and Monuments in Old World Archaeology
The Greeks and the Romans

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