Publications for the public


For op-eds in American, Canadian, and Greek newspapers click HERE

Other publications

2000-2001        “Hellenica”.  Newsletter of the Center for Hellenic Civilization, University of Manitoba

1995-1996        “Persephone”, Newsletter of the Program in Bronze Age Archaeology, University of   Manitoba

1992-1995        “Amphiaraos”. Newsletter of the Oropos Survey Project

1990                  “The University of Manitoba Oropos Survey Project”,  Horizons I.1, 23-24

1987                  “Ithaca”. Encyclopaedia Britannica-Larousse‑Papyros, vol. 7, 134-136 (in Greek)


2003-present   Website for the Greek Studies Chair of the  Missouri-St. Louis:

2002-present   Website for the Iklaina Archaeological Project:

1998                Website for the Center for Hellenic Civilization, the University of Manitoba

1995                “Early Bronze 2 Artifact Databases”. Seven databases with over 10,000 Early Bronze Age artifacts from the Aegean (

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