Graduate theses



Jennifer Glaubius, “A Diachronic Study of Agricultural Terracing and Landscape Stability in Messenia, Greece”, University of Kansas (in progress), Geography

Aspasia Gioka, “Economic organization of Mycenaean priesthood”, University of Athens, Ph.D. (2014), Archaeology

Rebecca Worsham, “Middle Helladic Settlement and Habitation”. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Ph.D. 2015), Classics

Stephanos Spanos, “The Cyclades and the Mainland in the Middle and Late Bronze Age”. University of Athens, Ph.D. 2010), Archaeology

Iro Mathioudaki, “Middle Helladic Mainland Polychrome Pottery”. University of Athens, Ph.D. 2010, Archaeology

Ioulia Tzonou, “A Contextual Analysis of Mycenaean Terracotta Figurines”. U.of Cincinnati, Ph.D. 2001, Classics

Charlote Werner, ” Altered Body Symbolism in Mesoamerica and Greece”. University of Manitoba, Ph.D. 1998, Interdisciplinary (joint supervision with Prof. Timothy Anna, History)


•Tina Jongsma, “Early Neolithic Daub architecture”. University of Manitoba, M.A. 1997, Anthropology

•Kent F. Fowler, “Status and Society in Neolithic Greece: the mortuary evidence”. University of Manitoba, M.A. 1997, Anthropology & Classics (joint supervision with Prof. H.Greenfield, Anthrogy)

•Erin Hilmer, “Conceptions of Modern Narcissistic Ideals and Their Influences by Ancient Greek Mythology”. University of Manitoba, M.A. 1998, School of Fine Arts

•Sandra Jezik, “The origins of agriculture in temperate Europe: an exploration into the subsistence strategies of two Early Neolithic groups in the central Balkans, Foeni-Salaş and Blagotin”. University of Manitoba, M.A. 1998, Anthropology

•Clint Staples, “The Military Policy of Leo III and Constantine V and Its Effect on Arab-Byzantine Warfare on the Taurus Border”. University of Manitoba, M.A. 1996, History

•Anne Camus, “La sexualité chez Diderot”. University of Manitoba, M.A. 1998, French & Spanish

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