Conference papers

“The Monumental Architecture of Iklaina”. In (Social) place and space in early Mycenaean Greece. Conference organised by the Institute for Oriental and European Archaeology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in cooperation with the Austrian Archaeological Institute Athens, October 5-8  2016.  Proceedings will be published by the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Reconstructing Landscape History of the Iklaina Archaeological Site Using a Coupled LEM-ABM“. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America, 25-26 September 2016, Denver. Paper No. 124-9 (with J. Glaubius).

Exploring the Provenance and Depositional History of a Sediment Found at the Iklaina Archaeological Site, Messenia, Greece“. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America, 25-26 September 2016, Denver. Paper No. 147-15 (with A. Christova, J. Glaubius, N. Zacharias, and S. Drakopoulou).

“A group of new Mycenaean frescoes from Iklaina, Pylos”. Workshop on Mycenaean Iconography in Context: New Discoveries and Old Finds Reconsidered. American School of Classical Studies at Athens and National Research Foundation, Athens, February 10-12 2011.

“Eleusis in the Middle Bronze Age: The stratigraphic and Ceramic Sequence”. MESOHELLADIKA. The Greek Mainland in the Middle Bronze Age. International conference, Athens, 8 – 12 March 2006.

“The Iklaina Archaeological Project: Third Season of Survey”. 103rd Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, Philadelphia, PA. January 3-6, 2002.

“”The Emergence of the Mycenaean State of Pylos: the Iklaina Archaeological Project”. Paper presented at the international conference “Ancient Greece at the Turn of the Millennium: Recent Work and Future Perspectives”, Canadian Archaeological Institute at Athens, Athens, 18-20 May 2001.

“The Iklaina Archaeological Project: Second Season of Survey”. 102nd Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, San Diego, 4-7 January 2001 (Session 4C, Archaeological Survey).

“Exploring a Mycenaean District Capital: the First Season of the Iklaina Archaeological Project ”. 101st Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, Dallas, December 27-30 1999. Session 3F, Wednesday 29 December.

“Animal exploitation and subsistence strategies at Eleusis”. First International Zooarchaeological Conference, Αθήνα, 8-11 September 1999 (with H. Greenfield and D. Ruscillo).

“Understanding Rural History: Sociopolitical Dynamics, Economic Considerations, and the Evolution of Human Habitation in the Region of Oropos”. IX International Conference of Boiotian Antiquities, Winnipeg, 29-31 October 1998.

“Pottery production and exchange in the Middle Helladic Period”. First international Archaeometry Conference, Budapest, 1-5 April 1998 (with E.W. Faber, V. Kilikoglou, E. Kiriatzi, and I.K. Whitbread).

“Ceramic technology, production and exchange: the Bronze Age pottery from Eleusis”. 99th Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, December 27-30 1997, Chicago (with V. Kilikoglou and I. Whitbread). Abstract in AJA 102 (1998), 373-374.

“New excavations in the ancient sanctuary of Eleusis”. Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of the Canadian West, Winnipeg, 16 March 1996.

“The University of Manitoba Excavations at Eleusis”. Archaeological Inst. of America, 96th Annual Meeting, Atlanta, 27-30 December 1994. Abstract in AJA 99 (1995), 341.

“From Artifacts to People: Pelasgoi, Indo-Europeans, and the arrival of the Greeks”. Third World Archaeological Congress, New Delhi, India, 4-11 December 1994.

“Roman settlement and urbanization in Attica”. XIV International Congress of Classical Archaeology. Tarragona, Spain, September 1993.

“Oropos Survey Project – The final field season”. Arch. Inst. of America, 95th Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., 28-30 December 1993. Abstract in AJA 98 (1994), 296.

“The arrival of the Greeks”. Classical Association of the Canadian West, 16th Annual Meeting, Victoria, B.C., 5-6 March 1993.

“Eleusis in the Bronze Age: The Early and Middle Helladic Pottery” 94th Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, New Orleans, 27-30 December 1992. Abstract in AJA 97 (1993), 344-345.

“The Oropos Survey Project.” Classical Association of the Canadian West, Annual Meeting, Winnipeg, 14-15 February 1992.

“Mycenaeans on Naxos: An Overview of the Evidence.” Second International Mycenaeological Congress, Rome and Naples, 14-20 October 1991.

“Bronze Age Eleusis and the Origins of the Eleusinian Mysteries”. 12th Congress of the International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences, Bradislava, 1-7 Sept. 1991.

“Survey Methodology and interpretation: a case from Greece”. 2nd World Archaeological Congress, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, September 5-8, 1990.

“The Mycenaean Topography of Pylos: A-pu2 and the site of Iklaina”. Linguistic Circle of Manitoba & N. Dakota, 33rd Annual Meeting, Winnipeg, 26-27 October 1990.

“The Evolution of Settlement Pattern in Northeast Attica”. Arch. Inst.of America, 92nd Annual Meeting, San Francisco, Dec. 27-30, 1990. Abstract in AJA 95 (1991), 332.

“Prehistoric Attica: The Oropos Survey Project”. Archeaological Institute of America, 91st Annual Meeting, Boston, Dec. 27 30, 1989. Abstract in AJA 94 (1990), 328.

“Pelasgoi: an anthropological definition”. The Linguistic Circle of Manitoba and North Dakota, 32nd Annual Meeting, Grand Forks, 20-21 October 1989.

“Early Mediterranean interactions with the Aegean”. American Schools of Oriental Research, the Society of Biblical Literature, American Academy of Religion, Regional Meeting, Kansas City, 10 April 1989.

“The Hellenistic tradition in India and the first Buddha images of Gandaran sculpture”. XIII. Internationaler Kongress für Klassische Archäologie, Berlin, 24 30 July 1988

“The Chronology of the Early Bronze Age II Period in the Aegean”. VI Διεθνές Συνέδριο Αιγαιακής Προϊστορίας, Αθήνα, 29 August- 5 September 1987.

“Die Ägäis und der Orient in der Frühbronzezeit II”. 11th Congress of the International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences, Mainz, 31 August- 5 September 1987.

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