Study-in-Greece Programs

 Semester-in-Greece Program (2006-2010)

The UM-St. Louis Greek Professorship Semester-in-Greece Program was launched in Spring 2006, as an initiative by Cosmopoulos through the Center for International Studies.  It offers 12-15 hours of credit to students residing in Athens for the entire length of the academic term.

Missouri Consortium for an Academic Program in Greece (2011-present)

Following the success of the Semester-In-Greece program,  The Missouri Consortium for an Academic Program in Greece (abbr. MOCON Greece) was organized under the leadership of the UM-St. Louis Greek Professorship.  The Consortium includes eight public universities in the state of Missouri (UM-St.Louis; UM-Kansas City, UM-Columbia, U. of Central Missouri, Missouri Southern State U., Southeast Missouri State U., Lincoln U., and Truman State U.).  As of Spring 2011 the MOCON Greece has partnered up with the American College of Greece, in the Aghia Paraskevi campus of which Missouri students reside and take classes during the Spring semester.

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