Graduate Student Field Training

1. Antoniou Maria (University of Athens, Ph.D.)

2. Carter Alicia (University of Texas-Austin, Ph.D.)

3. Clarke Stephen (University of Manitoba, M.L.A.)

4. Cuyler Mary-Jane (University of Texas-Austin, Ph.D.)

5. Davies Sarah (University of Texas-Austin, M.A.)

6. Deutsch Melissa (Ph.D., University of Missouri-St. Louis)

7. Drakogiorgos Angelos (University of Athens, Ph.D.)

8. Fowler Kent (University of Manitoba, M.A.)

9. Galligan Erin (University of North Carolina, Ph.D.)

10. Gerecke Bretta (University of Alberta, M.F.A.)

11. Glaubius Jennifer (University of Cincinnati, M.A.)

12. Gordon Jody (University of Cincinnati, Ph.D.)

13. Gorogianni Evi (University of Cincinnati, Ph.D.)

14. Gulizio Joann (University of Texas-Austin, Ph.D.)

15. Kalogerakou Kalliope (University of Athens, Ph.D.)

16. Kalogerakou Pigi (University of Athens, Ph.D.)

17. Kalogirou Alexandra (University of Indiana, Ph.D.)

18. Karathanou Melina (Universiy of Sheffield, M.A.)

19. Koukouni Ioanna (University of Leicester, Ph.D.)

20. Lima Sarah (University of Cincinnati, Ph.D.)

21. Mathioudaki Iro (University of Athens, Ph.D.)

22. Meisel Karoline (M.A.,University of Missouri-St. Louis)

23. Moustakatou Katerina (University of Athens, Ph.D.)

24. Nakassis Dimitris (University of Texas-Austin, Ph.D.)

25. Petrakis Vassilis (University of Athens, Ph.D.)

26. Pluta Kevin (University of Texas-Austin, Ph.D.)

27. Potenza Joanna (UCLA, M.A.)

28. Reifschneider Meredith (University of Texas-Austin, M.A.)

29. Sakka Nike (University of Athens, Ph.D.)

30. Stoimenoff Allisa (University of Texas-Austin, Ph.D.)

31. Worsham Rebecca (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Ph.D.)


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